Q&A Aaron Adams (Centennial)

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VSN recently caught up with Centennial senior basketball player Aaron Adams to talk about his future in playing basketball at the next level.


A. AdamsCentennial senior Aaron Adams has helped the Eagles finish the regular season with a 16-6 record. The 6-foot-3 guard is averaging 17 points per game and has been the energy for coach Chad Hollwedel’s team this season.


VSN: How did you get started playing basketball?

My older brother, Brandon, would always go out and play at this local elementary school with my dad and at that time, I always wanted to be like my brother.  So I would follow them and ever since then I just loved playing basketball.


VSN: How do you describe your game/style of play?

I think I'm a "get to the basket first" type of player. I like getting to the rim since my coaches believe in my athletic ability. I try to get guys in foul trouble. Towards the end of the year, teams have started putting their best players on me, so I try to get to the basket to warm them up and see if they are foul prone and try to get baskets there. Then once they start getting in foul trouble, scoring for the rest of my team gets a whole lot easier and it opens up a lot of different scoring opportunities.


VSN:  You’ve scored in double-figures just about every game this season, how have you been so consistent?

I am into superstition. I just try to do the same things consistently and they tend to work. I warm up the same way every game, pray before every game and then go out and play and everything falls into place. Then it also helps when your coaches have a lot of confidence in you, they always are helping me during mid-game situations and allowing me to put my input on what is working and what isn't. That gives me even more confidence knowing that people are taking my opinion seriously and then it ultimately helps me on the floor.


VSN: Talk about Centennial’s 8-game winning streak. How were you guys able to run off so many wins in a row?

At the beginning of the season we were not able to close games. We were playing the same way in the fourth quarter as we were in the first.  Throughout that winning streak, we learned how to close out games. We learned who should have the ball in crunch time situations and just the little things that can separate a win from a loss. We learned how to execute our offense to get extremely easy baskets to the point where teams didn’t know how to guard us. The beginning of the year was "first pass, shoot it" mentality now we have a completely different look on how we should score as a team.


VSN: You’re playing in a couple of All-Star games after the season.  Which ones are you participating in and how are you preparing?

I’m going to play in the Roundball Classic in Hagerstown, MD and also the MD vs. PA shootout in Pennsylvania. I’m just keeping my skills in order and my body together. I am going to continue working in the gym and keep getting my shots up and stay healthy. I want to use those games to allow me to get some more looks from other colleges before the season is completely over, so I just have to keep my mind right and my game tight.


VSN: Have you received any interest to play ball in college?

Yes. Juniata College, Marymount University, Mary Washington College, Albright College, NYU, Hagerstown Community College, St. Mary’s (MD), Hood College and a few more. A lot of them are D-III schools but I am really open with my recruitment.  I just allow myself to keep all options open and hopefully I will get to a school where they can offer me a full-ride so I won’t have to pay for college for four years. That’s my main goal.


VSN: What is your favorite basketball memory?

My junior year, we played at Oakland Mills and they were really hot because we beat them at Centennial earlier in the year, so they wanted revenge. At that point, I was coming off the bench and my coach called my name to go in and before I went in he told me, "play with energy; the energy you have shown us all year." So, once I got in we were on defense and I got a steal and dunked it on a fast-break. Then afterwards, the next defensive possession, I stole it again and dunked it. Following that, my team got another steal.  I leaked out and, sure enough, I dunked it a third time. The place went crazy and my coach nearly had a heart attack on the sideline, it was really intense after that and we ended up winning the game.  (VIDEO LINK OF THREE DUNKS)


VSN: Who is your favorite basketball player, past or present?

Kevin Durant, he is just an all-around scorer and we kind of have the same body type.


VSN: Do you have any pregame rituals that you perform before games?

Before games, I get both ankles taped, listen to a playlist on my Ipod called "Warm Up Music" and eat a Snickers bar.


VSN: What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I play drums at my church and I’m actually pretty good.  Divinie Mission Church in Temple Hills, MD, Sunday services at 11 a.m.

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