Q&A Geagy Pritchard (Garrison Forest)

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VSN recently caught up with Garrison Forest School field hockey player Caroline “Geagy” Pritchard to talk about her emergence as the top player for one of the area’s best programs

geagy pritchardGarrison Forest sophomore field hockey player Geagy Pritchard played a key role in helping the Grizzlies reached the IAAM A Conference championship last fall. Garrison Forest graduated most of its veteran nucleus, leaving Pritchard to assume a greater role as the Grizzlies hope to reach the finals again in 2010.

VSN: How did you get the nickname Geagy?

When I was baby I would say ‘Geagy,’ and my sisters started calling me that. It just stuck.


VSN: Talk about your freshman campaign last fall.

I was little timid because my sister [Ali] was on the team. Once I started playing with all of her friends, I got really into it and was part of the team.


VSN: What got you into field hockey?

I used to be a soccer player. I found out one of my friends’ dad started a rec field hockey team. We all started playing together and I fell in love with it.


VSN: What’s your most memorable moment?

Scoring the winning goal in overtime for my team [Harvest Hockey] to win our rec league championship.


VSN: What’s the biggest improvement you’ve made as a player from last season?

Looking up and seeing all my options. I would put my head down a lot and dribbled through. Now, I look up at all my options.


VSN: Is there a player you look up?

Keli Smith, who plays for the U.S. National team. She’s actually a good friend. We met a couple of years ago, and she’s given me a lot of tips.


VSN: During the summer, you were selected by USA Field Hockey to play in the Junior Olympic Games in Virginia. Talk about the experience?

I was really surprised. There were so many good players for National Futures. When I made it and got there [to Junior Olympics], I thought I was going to be timid, and I just fell in. It was a great experience.


VSN: You played alongside several veterans last year, but they’re graduated. You’re now, as a sophomore, is a leader on this 2010 Grizzlies squad. Talk about that change.

I guess you can say I’m leader because I direct people on the field in my position. I like to pick up my teammates because I know when I’m down, I lose it. I always try to pick up people’s spirits and give them a little motivation.


VSN: What do you do to relax?

I play some lacrosse, but I do field hockey all year around. It’s the one thing that makes me relax.


VSN: Have you started thinking about the future as far as college?

I just visited JMU [James Madison] and met the coach. I want to go to UNC, Wake Forest or UVa. I really want to play D-I hockey.


VSN: Did you ever think this was a possibility when first started playing field hockey?

No because I actually played softball as pitcher and thought I was going to go far with that. Before that, I played soccer and thought I was going to go far. I didn’t know what to expect when I started playing field hockey.


VSN: How do you relax before a game?

I’m really superstitious. I have to have my hair in braids and I tie my shoes about five times, they have to be perfectly tight. If I’m really nervous or need to calm down, I yawn until I get the air in. I learned that from Apollo Ohno.

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