Manchester Valley goes 7-0 to win Loch Raven Duals

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Janowitz has four pins among seven victories, including the 100th of his career
Manchester Valley's Colby Janowitz (126) used four pins and a major decision among his seven victories to pace his Carroll County squad to the tournament title over the course of Friday and Saturday's Lock Raven Duals, picking up his 100th career victory along the way.

Manchester Valley went 7-0, followed by Howard County's Marriotts Ridge as runner-up at 6-1. The team sportsmanship award went to Franklin High School, of Baltimore County.

The tournament's Outstanding Wrestler Award went to Pikesville's Travon Wright (138), who finished with five pins and two forfeit victories.

Participating teams included the host Raiders, Franklin and Dulaney of Baltimore County, Boys' Latin of the MIAA, and North Harford of Harford County.  Here are the complete results and box scores from both days of competition.

Saturday's results:

Marriotts Ridge 43, Franklin 33

182-Stout(MR) pin A.Williams(FR)
195-C.Park(MR) FF
220-Desautelle(MR) pin Belmontes(FR)
285-R.Austin(FR) pin M.Owufu(FR)
106-Widerman(FR) pin Habibi(MR)
113-El-Ghazouni(FR) pin T.Olson(MR)
120-B.Montanye(FR) pin W.Parks(MR)
126-N.Montanye(FR) dec 9-2 A.Seaman(MR)
132-H.Taylor(FR) pin Z.Moody(MR)
138-S.Deitemyer(MR) FF
145-O.Delen(MR) dec 7-5 A.Mowery(FR)
152-S.Solomon(FR) pin B.Switlick(MR)
160-M.Minn(MR) m.dec. 14-3 N.Fowler(FR)
170-L.Fugate(MR) FF

Manchester Valley 69, Loch Raven 12
182-W.Mueller(MV) pin Lease(LR)
195-A.Keenyy(MV) dec 5-3 OT A.Spencer(LR)
220-Anderson(LR) pin Barnes(MV)
285-D.Tew(LR) FF
106-J.Arnold(MV) pin G.Lester(LR)
113-McAleer(MV) pin Ebrite(LR)
120-L.Garland(MV) FF
126-C.Janowitz(MV) pin N.Kent(LR)
132-C.Macleod(MV) pin J.Perry(LR)
138-TJ Christmann(MV) pin B.Sesay(LR)
145-L.Hull(MV) pin T.Ormsby(LR)
152-J.Brewer(MV) inj.def. M.Re(LR)
160-E.Bare(MV) FF
170-M.Maughman(MV) pin B.Probst(LR)

Boys' Latin 40, Dulaney 39 (tie breaker criteria I)
106-Nick Malinowski(BL) pin M.Kassim(DL)
113-Lee-Lermer(BL) pin J.Beall(DL)
120-Cotsoradis(BL) FF
126-Scotto(DL) FF
132-D.Ruiz(DL) pin C.Haugh(BL)
138-P.Hoffman(DL) FF
145-J.Asher(DL) dec 5-2 A.Wyler(BL)
152-S.Hoffman(DL) pin B.Mullally(BL)
160-Powell(DL) pin C.Greenberg(BL)
170-T.Stokes(BL) pin A.Sless(DL)
182-A.Murrow(BL) dec 7-2 Handzo(DL)
195-R.Bruno(BL) pin A.Wall(DL)
220-E.Smith(DL) pin Lezcano(BL)
285-Vilceus(BL) FF

Manchester Valley 51, Boys' Latin 24
106-Nick Malinowski(BL) pin J.Arnold(MV)
113-McAleer(MV) pin Lee-Lermer(BL)
120-L.Garland(MV) dec 3-2 Costoradis(BL)
126-C.Macleod(MV) FF
132-C.Janowitz(MV) FF
138-TJ Christmann(MV) pin C.Haugh(BL)
145-L.Hull(MV) FF
152-A.Wyler(BL) dec 8-2 J.Brewer(MV)
160-T.Stokes(BL) dec 7-6 E.Bare(MV)
170-M.Baughman(MV) pin Murrow(BL)
182-W.Mueller(MV) FF
195-A.Keeney(MV) FF
220-D.Lezcano(BL) FF
285-M.Vilceus(BL) FF

Marriotts Ridge 45, Pikesville 35
195-C.Park(MR) pin D.Handy(PK)
220-S.Desautelle(MR) FF
285-R.Austin(MR) FF        
106-R.Habibi(MR) FF
113-T.Olson(MR) FF
120-K.Atkinson(PK) pin W.Parks(MR)
126-J.Jaen(PK) pin A.Seaman(MR)
132-N.Johnson(PK) pin Z.Moody(MR)
138-T.Wright(PK) pin S.Deitmyer(MR)
145-O.Shimony(PK) pin O.Delen(MR)
152-B.Switlick(MR) dec 2-0 M.Weiner(PK)
160-Hall-Hurtt(PK) TF 15-0 M.Minn(MR)
170-L.Fugate(MR) pin J.Griffin(PK)
182-VJ Stout(MR) pin R.Diaz(PK)

Franklin 47, North Harford 33
195-A.Edwards(NH) FF
220-L.Belmontes(FR) pin Mason(NH)
85-M.Owugu(FR) FF
106-Fetzer(NH) dec 12-5 Widerman(FR)
113-El-Ghazouni(FR) pin Geller(NH)
120-T.Smith(NH) pin Naeem(FR)
126-B.Montanye(FR) pin Avig(NH)
132-N.Montanye(FR) TF Sadowski(NH)
138-H.Taylor(FR) pin B.Griffin(NH)
145-A.Mowery(NH) FF
152-S.Solomon(FR) pin K.Griffin(NH)
160-L.Smith(NH) pin Fowler(FR)
170-A.Koulatsos(NH) FF
182-M.Teller(NH) pin Williams(FR)

Pikesville 48, Loch Raven 36
220-Anderson(LR) FF
285-D.Tew(LR) FF
106-Lester(LR) FF
113-Ebrite(LR) FF
120-Atkinson(PK) FF
126-J.Jaen(PK) pin N.Kent(LR)
132-Sesay(LR) pin N.Johnson(PK)
138-T.Wright(PK) pin McHenry(LR)
145-Shimony(PK) pin T.Ormsby(LR)
152-Wiener(PK) FF
160-Hall-Hurtt)PK) FF
170-Griffin(PK) pin Probst(LR)
182-Diaz(PK) pin Lease(LR)
195-A.Spencer(LR) pin Handy(PK)

North Harford 45, Pikesville 30
285-Estrada (PK) FF
103-Fetzer(NH) FF
113-Geller(NH) FF
120-T.Smith (NH) dec 19-12 Atkinson(PK)
126-J.Jaen(PK) dec 9-5 Avig(NH)
132-N.Johnson(PK) pin T.Sadowski(NH)
138-T.Wright(PK) pin K.Griffin(NH)
145-Shimony(PK) FF
152-M.Wiener(PK) dec 4-2 Safefell(NH)
160-L.Smith(NH) pin Hall-Hurtt(PK)
170-A.Koulatsos(NH) pin J.Griffin(PK)
182-M.Teller(NH) pin Diaz(PK)
195-Z.Edwards(NH) pin Handy(PK)
220-T.Mason(NH) FF

Dulaney 45, Franklin 36
106-Widerman(FR) pin Kassim(DL)
113-El-Ghazouni(FR) FF
120-B.Montanye(FR) FF
126-D.Ruiz(DL) dec 5-3 N.Montanye(FR)
132-H.Taylor(FR) pin Matthews(DL)
138-P.Hoffman(FR) FF
145-J.Asher(DL) pin A.Mowery(FR)
152-S.Hoffman(DL) pin S.Solomon(FR)
160-N.Fowler(FR) pin Powell(DL)
170-Sless(DL) FF
182-C.Handzo(DL) pin Williams(FR)
195-Wall(DL) FF
220-Smith(DL) pin Belmothes(FR)
285-Owufu(FR) FF

Marriotts Ridge 75. Loch Raven 3
285-R.Austin(MR) pin D.Tew(LR)
106-R.Mcgann(MR) pin D.Doyle(LR)
113-T.Olson(MR) dec 14-7 Ebrite(LR)
120-W.Parks(MR) FF
126-A.Seaman(MR) pin Kent(LR)
132-Z.Moody(MR) pin J.Perry(MR)
138-S.Sesay(LR) dec 11-7 S.Deitemyer(MR)
145-Delen(MR) pin Ormsby(LR)
152-B.Switlick(MR) FF
160-M.Minn(MR) FF
170-Fugate(MR) pin Probst(LR)
182-VJ Stout(MR) pin Kamouie(LR)
195-C.Park(MR) pin A.Spencer(LR)
220-S.Desautelle(MR) pin T.Anderson(LR)

Manchester Valley 47, Marriotts Ridge 22
106-J.Arnold(MV) pin R.Mcgann(MR)
113-C.McAleer(MV) pin T.Olson(MR)
120-L.Garland(MV) pin W.Parks(MR)
126-C.Macleod(MV) m.dec 14-0 A.Seaman(MR)
132-C.Janowitz(MV) pin Z.Moody(MR)
138-TJ Christmann(MV) m.dec.13-0 S.Deitemyer(MR)
145-L.Hull(MV) pin O.Delen(MR)
152-B.Switlick(MR) dec 4-3 J.Brewer(MV)
160-E.Bare(MV) dec 10-4 M.Minn(MR)
170-L.Fugate(MR) m.dec 13-2 M.Baughman(MV)
182-W.Mueller(MV) pin VJ Stout(MR)
195-C.Park(MR) dec 6-3 A.Keeney(MV)
220-S.Desautelle(MR) pin K.Kelly(MV)
285-R.Austin(MR) FF

Boys' Latin 61, Franklin 24
106-Nick Malinowski(BL) pin Widerman(FR)
113-El-Ghazouni(FR) pin Lee-Lermer(BL)
120-B.Montanye(FR) FF
126-Costoradis(BL) dec 4-2 N.Montanye(FR)
132-H.Taylor(FR) FF
138-C.Haugh(BL) FF
145-Wyler(BL) m.dec16-4 A.Mowery(FR)
152-S.Solomon(FR) pin Mullally(BL)
160-Stokes(BL) pin Fowler(FR)
170-A.Murrow(BL) FF
182-R.Bruno(BL) pin Williams(FR)
195-Morton(BL) FF
220-Lezcano(BL) pin Belmotes(FR)
285-M.Vilceus(BL) pin Owufu(FR)

Dulaney 42, Pikesville 39
106-Kassim(DL) FF
113-Beall(DL) FF
120-Atkinson (PK) FF
126-D.Ruiz(DL) pin J.Jaen(PK)
132-Matthews(DL) pin Johnson(PK)
138-T.Wright(PK) pin P.Hoffman(DL)
145-O.Shimony(PK) dec 9-6 J.Asher(DL)
152-S.Hoffman(DL) pin Weiner(PK)
160-Hall-Hurtt(PK) pin Powell(DL)
170-Griffin(PK) pin Sless(DL)
182-C.Handzo(DL) pin Diaz(PK)
195-Handy(PK) inj.def. Wall(DL)
220-Smith(DL) FF
285-Estrada(PK) FF

Dulaney 59, Loch Raven 15
106-Kassim(DL) pin Lester(LR)
113-Beall(DL) pin Ebrite(LR)
126-Scotto(DL) FF
132-D.Ruiz(DL) pin Perry(LR)
138-P.Hoffman(DL) pin Sesay(LR)
145-J.Asher(DL) TF 24-9 Ormsby(LR)
152-S.Hoffman(DL) FF
160-Powell(DL) FF
170-Sless(DL) pin Probst(LR)
182-Lease(LR) dec 9-2 Handzo(DL)
195-Spencer(LR) FF
220-Smith(DL) pin Anderson(LR)
285-D.Tew(LR) FF

Manchester Valley 66, North Harford 12
106-Arnold(MV) dec  16-10 Fetzer(NH)
113-McAller(MV) pin Geller(NH)
120-L.Garland(MV) pin T.Smith(NH)
126-Janowitz(MV) pin Avig(NH)
132-Macleod(MV) pin Sadowski(NH)
138-TJ Christmann(MV) pin B.Griffin(NH)
145-K.Baughman(MV) FF
152-L.Hull(MV) pin K.Griffin(NH)
160-L.Smith(NH) pin E.Bare(MV)
170-M.Baughman(MV) pin A.Koulatsos(NH)
182-Mueller(MV) dec 7-5 Teller(NH)
195-Keeney(MV) pin Edwards(NH)
220-T.Mason(NH) pin Kelly(MV)
285-Barnes(MV) FF

Boys' Latin 45, Pikesville 29
106-N.Malinowski(BL) FF
113-Lee-Lermer(BL) FF
120-Atkinson(PK) dec 6-3 Cotsoradis(BL)
126-J.Jaen(PK) FF
132-C.Haugh(BL) pin Johnson(PK)
138-T.Wright(PK) FF
145-Shimony(PK) m.dec 11-2 Wyler(BL)
152-Mullally(BL) dec 8-6 Weiner(PK)
160-Hall-Hurtt(PK) m.dec 16-3 Stokes(BL)
170-Griffin(PK) pin Murrow(BL)
182-R.Bruno(BL) pin Diaz(PK)
195-Lezcano(BL) pin Handy(PK)
220-Morton(BL) FF
285-Vilveus(BL) pin Estrada(PK)

Manchester Valley 52, Franklin 27
106-Widerman(FR) pin Arnold(MV)
113-McAller(MV) pin El-Ghazouni(FR)
120-B.Montanye(FR) dec 9-7 L.Garland(MV)
126-Janowitz(MV) m.dec 10-2 N.Montanye(FR)
132-H.Taylor(FR) pin Macleod(MV)
138-TJ Christmann(MV) FF
145-L.Hull(MV) pin Mowery(FR)
152-S.Solomon(FR) pin J.Brewer(MV)
160-E.Bare(MV) pin Fowler(FR)
170-M.Baughman(MV) FF
182-Mueller(MV) pin Williams(FR)
195-Kelly(MV) FF
220-Keeney(MV) pin Belmontes(FR)
285-Owufu(FR) FF

Marriotts Ridge 48, Dulaney 28
120-W.Parks(MR) FF
126-Scotto(DL) dec 14-12 Seaman(MR)
132-D.Ruiz(DL) pin Z.Moody(MR)
138-D.Matthews(DL) pin Deitemyer(MR)
145-P.Hoffman(DL) pin Delen(MR)
152-J.Asher(DL) m.dec 18-4 Switlick(MR)
160-S.Hoffman(DL) dec 4-0 M.Minn(MR)
170-Fugate(MR) pin Powell(DL)
182-Stout(MR) pin Hnadzo(DL)
195-C.Park(MR) FF
220-Desautelle(MR) pin Smith(DL)
285-R.Austin(MR) FF
106-Habibi(MR) pin Kassin(DL)
113-T.Olson(MR) pin Beall(DL)

Boys' Latin 51, North Harford 27
120-T.Smith(NH) FF
126-Cotsoradis(BL) dec 4-0 Avig(BNH)
132-Sadowski(NH) FF
138-C.Haugh(BL) pin Griffin(NH)
145-Mullally(BL) FF
152-Wyler(BL) pin Griffin(NH)
160-L.Smith(NH) pin Greenberg(BL)
170-Stokes(BL) pin Demond(NH)
182-M.Teller(NH) dec 13-6 Murrow(BL)
195-Edwards(NH) FF
220-Lezcano(BL) pin Mason(NH)
285-Vilceus(BL) FF
106-Nick Malinowski(BL) pin Fetzer(NH)
113-Lee-Lermer(BL) pin Geller(NH)

Friday's results:

Boys' Latin 36, Marriotts Ridge 42

106-Nick Malinowski (BL) pin R. Habibi(MR)
113-Lee-Lermer (BL) pin T.Olson (MR)
120-Nate Malinowski (BL) dec 8-7 W.Parks (MR)
126-H.Costoradis (BL) pin A.Seaman (MR)
132-C.Haugh (BL) dec 9-7 Z.Moody (MR)
138-Z.Moody(MR) FF
145-A.Wyler (BL) pin O.Delen (MR)
152-B.Switlick(MR) inj.def. P.Coffay (BL)
160-T.Stokes(BL) pin M.Min(MR)
170-L.Fugate(MR) pin A.Murrow(BL)
182-Stout(MR) FF
195-C.Park(MR) pin D.Lezcano(BL)
220-S.Desautelle(MR) FF
285-R.Austin(MR) pin M.Vilceus(BL)

Pikesville 37, Franklin 36
152-M.Weiner(PK) dec 10-7 S.Solomon (FR)
160-Hall-Hurt (PK) FF
170-J.Griffin(PK) pin N.Fowler(FR)
182-R.Diaz(PK) pin A.Williams(FR)
195-D.Handy(PK) FF
220-L.Belmontes (FR) FF
285-Owufu(FR) pin K.Estrada(PK)
106-Widerman(FR) FF
113-El-Ghazouni(FR) FF
120-B.Montanye (FR) dec 8-3 K.Atkinson(PK)
126-N.Montanye (FR) dec 12-6 J.Jaen(PK)
132-H.Taylor(FR) pin N.Johnson(PK)
138-T.Wright(PK) FF
145-Shimony(PK) m.dec.14-6 A.Mowry (FR)

Loch Raven 42, North Harford 39
106-B.Fetzer(NH) pin G.Lester (LR)
113-J.Ebrite(LR) pin C.Geller(NH)
120-T.Smith(NH) FF
126-J.Avig(NH) dec6-3 N.Kent(LR)
132-J.Perry(LR) pin T.Sadowski(NH)
138-B.Sesay(LR) FF
145-T.Ormsby(LR) FF
152-K.Griffin(NH) pin M.Re(LR)
160-L.Smith(NH) FF
170-A.Koulatsos(NH) pin Probst(LR)
182-M.Teller (NH) pin B.Lease(LR)
195-A.Spencer(LR) pin Z.Edwards(NH)
220-T.Anderson(LR) pin T.Mason(NH)
285-D.Tew(LR) FF

Marriotts Ridge 49, North Harford 30
160-L.Smith(NH) pin M.Minn(MR)
170-Fugate(MR) pin A.Koulatsos(NH)
182-M.Teller(NH) pin Stout(MR)
195-C.Park(MR) pin E.Edwards(NH)
220-S.Desautelle(MR) pin T.Mason(NH)
285-R.Austin(MR) FF
106-B.Fletcher(NH) pin R.Habibi(MR)
113-T.Olson(MR) m.dec 9-0 C.Geller(NH)
120-T.Smith(NH) pin W.Parks(MR)
126-J.Avig(NH) pin A.Seaman(MR)
132-Z.Moody(MR) pin T.Sadowski(NH)
138-S.Deitemyer(MR) pin B.Griffin(NH)
145-O.Delen(MR) FF
152-S.Switlick(MR) dec 9-3 K.Griffin(NH)

Franklin 48, Loch Raven 30
160-M.Re(LR) FF
170-Probst(LR) FF
182-B.Lease(LR) pin A.Williams(FR)
195-A.Spencer(LR) FF
220-L.Belmontes(FR) pin T.Anderson(LR)
285-D.Tew(LR) pin M.Owufu(FR)
106-A.Widerman(FR) pin G.Lester(LR)
113-El-Ghazouni(FR) pin J.Ebrite(LR)
120-H.Naeem(FR) FF
126-B.Montanye(FR) pin N.Kent(LR)
132-N.Montanyer(FR) dec.4-2 J.Perry(LR)
138-H.Taylor(FR) pin J.Bryan(LR)
145-A.Mowery(FR) dec.13-11 OT B.Sesay(LR)
152-S.Solomon(FR) inj.def R.Perez(LR)

Manchester Valley 52, Dulaney 19
106-J.Arnold(MV) pin M.Massim(DL)
113-C.McAleer(MV) TF 17-0 J.Beall(DL)
120-L.Garland(MV) FF
126-C.Janowitz(MV) dec 8-2 D.Ruiz(DL)
132-C.Macleod(MV) TF 18-2 D.Matthews(DL)
138-P.Hoffman(DL) dec 2-0 TJ Christmann(MV)
145-L.Hall(MV) dec 1-0 J.Asher(DL)
152-J.Brewer(MV) FF                   
160-S.Hoffman(DL) m.dec 10-0 E.Bare(MV)
170-M.Baughman(MV) pin A.Sless(DL)
182-W.Mueller(MV) pin C.Handzo(DL)
195-A.Keeney(MV) pin A.Wall(DL)
220-E.Smith(DL) pin K.Kelly(MV)
285-G.Fauntleray(DL) FF

Boys' Latin 54, Loch Raven 30
170-E.Dohler(BL) pin Probst(LR)
182-B.Lease(LR) FF
195-A.Spencer(LR) FF
220-N.Morton(BL) pin T.Anderson(LR)
285-Vilceus(BL) pin D.Tew(LR)
106-Lee-Lermer(BL) pin Doyle(LR)
113-Nick Malinowski(BL) pin J.Ebrite(LR)
120-Cotsoradis(BL) FF
126-N.Kent(LR) FF
132-C.Haugh(BL) pin J.Perry(LR)
138-B.Sesay(LR) FF
145-A.Wyler(BL) pin T.Ormsby(LR)
152-M.Re(LR) pin B.Mullally(BL)
160-T.Stokes(BL) FF

Dulaney 39, North Harford 30
106-BN.Fetzer(NH) pin Hassim(DL)
113-J.Beall(DL) pin C.Geller(NH)
120-T.Smith(NH) FF
126-D.Ruiz dec. 10-9 J.Avig(NH)
132-D.Matthews(DL) pin T.Sadowski(NH)
138-P.Hoffman(DL) pin B.Griffin(NH)
145- DFF
152-J.Asher(DL) pin K.Griffin(NH)
160-L.Smith(NH) dec 12-5 S.Hoffman(DL)
170-A.Koulatsos(NH) pin A.Sless(DL)
182-M.Teller(NH) dec.7-3 C.Handzo(DL)
195-Z.Edwards(NH) pin A.Wall(DL)
220-E.Smith(DL) pin T.Mason(NH)
285-G.Fauntheray(DL) FF

Manchester Valley 42, Pikesville 32
106-J.Arnold(MV) FF
113-C.McAleer(MV) FF
120-L.Garland(MV) dec 4-3 Atkinson(PK)
126-C.Janowitz(MV) pin J.Jaen(PK)
132-C.Macleod(MV) pin N.Johnson(PK)
138-T.Wright(PK) pin TJ Christmann(MV)
145-L.Hall(MV) dec 6-4 Shimony(PK)
152-M.Weiner(PK dec5-3 J.Brewer(MV)
160-Hall-Hurt(PK) TF 15-0 E.Bare(MV)
170-J.Griffin(PK) pin M.Baughman(MV)
182-R.Diaz(PK) pin W.Mueller(MV)
195-A.Keeney(MV) pin D.Handy(PK)
220-K.Kelly(MV) FF
285-K.Estrada(PK) FF

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