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Sports Calendar

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= League Game
Visitor Home Time/Score Location
Fri, Sep. 2nd
Girls Varsity Field Hockey
North East - Cecil Fallston 3:30pm Fallston
Boys Varsity Football
Fallston Joppatowne 7:00pm Joppatowne
Tue, Sep. 6th
Girls Varsity Field Hockey
Fallston Aberdeen 3:30pm Aberdeen
Boys Varsity Soccer
Fallston Dulaney 3:45pm Dulaney
Girls Varsity Volleyball
North Harford Fallston 5:00pm Fallston
Girls Varsity Soccer
Fallston Severn 5:15pm Severn
Thu, Sep. 8th
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Bel Air Fallston 5:00pm Fallston
Fri, Sep. 9th
Boys Varsity Football
Fallston Boys' Latin 4:00pm Boys' Latin



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